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Tips: The secrets of a good title

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The title is an extremely important part of an article. It’s role is to inform about the content and attract readers but, at the same time, not to disclose everything. Publishers, journalists and common people see thousands of headlines every day so you need to take some additional effort to make them interested in your title.

5 Tips to create a good title:

1. 7-word rule – use up to 7 words, those titles look better and are eye-catching

2. Promise benefits – „How to earn a lot of money”

3. Reveal a secret, break up the news – „The whole truth about ……”

4. Use strong words – the best, the most, new, free, better, easy, elegant, win, true, inspiring

5. Evoke emotions – make your readers uneasy or curious so that they want to read the whole article

The best title formats:

1. Question-answer

„Do you want to lost weight? 10 easy ways to get slimmer”

2. Quotation

„I found my life goal”

3. Reccomendation

„How I got a promotion”

4. Who-what-when-where-why-how

„When to call the ambulance”, „Where to take her for a date”

5. Challenge the readers

„Are you able to quit smoking when you want to?”

6. Select an untypical reader

„Single fathers: How to not lose contact with your child?”

* Based on Trener Medialny blog (in Polish)

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