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Facebook: Improved Fan Pages – guideline

The day came and Facebook finally made some nice and useful improvements which greatly increased the simplicity of using Fan pages. Since now on we can test the brand new Pages and if they pass the test – apply them. The new Fan Pages are very similar to the new profiles which were introduced some time ago. The Wall is on the left, and admins can show their latest activity by displaying photos from the gallery right above the Wall.


And here you can check out the new Fan Page profile:

1 – The latest photos uploaded by you or your fans will be visible right above the wall

2. Navigation moves to the left (hooorrraaaayyy!)

3. You have 2 Wall filters – seeing the posts by the page or by its fans

4. You can interact as a Page !!! Get notifications, like, comment and see activities – all as a Fan Page

5. You can set defaults for your email notifications and how you post to your page – as yourself or your page

6. You can easily switch back to your private profile by clicking Account

Facebook promises that its going to further develop Pages over the course of the next months. Well, I just hope that the future changes will be as useful as the ones shown above. Let’s enjoy the new Fan Pages now 🙂

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