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Facebook: Oreo to set a Guinness World Record

Oreo – a brand of popular American cookies is making an attempt to set the Guinness World Record for getting most „likes” under one post in 24 hours. The company started to post information about the incoming event on the February 8. The posts were bilingual (English and Polish) and firstly, they hoped that 45,000 fans will like the post, which was later changed to 50,000.

The event started at 3 PM (GMT + 01:00) and got over 5 thousands fans in its first minutes. The amount of likes was rising rapidly and at 4 PM there were already 24,560 fans. The number rose to 33,271 at 5 PM and to 39,272 at 6 o’clock. Although the company took a risk of failure, it seems that the record is going to be set before midnight which will make Oreo the Facebook Guinness Record holder.

The report on the Oreo campaing will be soon published in SocialMediaLike.

And here is the list of currently recognized Facebook Guinness World Records and the requirements which must be fulfilled to set a record.

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