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Facebook: Oreo vs. Lil Wayne (case study)

On February, 15th Oreo cookies attempted to set Guinness World Record at getting the most „Likes” under one post in 24 hours. The event was advertised on Facebook but also on the outside platforms. Oreo started to post announcements about the event several days before, in Polish and English. The whole action was planned to begin at 3 PM and it got almost 5 000 likes in its first minutes.

At first, Oreo aimed at getting 45 000 likes, which was later changed to 50 000. The number of likes, as well as comments, was rising rapidly right after the start and changing literally with every second. Almost 25 000 people joined the action in its first hour and after two hours the result was over 30 000 likes.

The estimated number of likes was reached before 8 PM and the final amount of likes after 24 hours was 114,619. And here you can see the whole activity on Oreo’s Fan Page, up to 10 PM:

Nevertheless, it is important to mention the spontaneous action of Lil Wayne on his Fan Page. Several hours after Oreo’s action started, he took a challenge and, the same way as Oreo did, asked his fans to like the post so to be the most „liked” musician. His appeal was way stronger, and in a short period of time, not only did he break Oreo’s record, but he also got 588,243 likes when the contest time expired. This is the result from 10 PM (after 4 hours since the start, wrong note „an hour ago” by Facebook):

Finally, after several hours the Oreo’s record was taken by Lil Wayne. What was cool was Oreo’s reaction, just look at that:

And that is how Oreo was the first to set the World Guinness Record for the ‘Most Likes on a Facebook Post in 24 Hours’ and how Lil Wayne, with a support of his fans, took it for himself 🙂

And just for the record, it’s how the situation looks today (Feb, 17), with the TOTAL amount of all „likes” under a post:

Likes under a post Total number of fans % of „liking” fans
Oreo 118 776 16 716 841 0,71
Lil Wayne 650 681 20 135 925 3,23


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