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5 easy steps to create a Fan Page

Fan Pages are special profiles which enable users to subscribe to the news feed of a chosen band, company or idea by clicking the like button. This form of activity sees an enormous rise in popularity because it lets the users stay up-to date and, at the same time, show others what is interesting for them.

Once you come up with the idea, it is very easy to create one a Fan Page:
Step 1: Go to the Advertising section which is at the very bottom of your Facebook profile
Step 2: Click Create an Ad in the right corner to go to the Fan Page creation panel
Step 3: Click Create a Page
Step 4: Choose the category of your Fan Page. You can change it later only by writing to FB administration. It’s also important that if you pick the last category, you won’t be able to choose the Default Landing Tab so basically, the welcome page of your profile.
Step 5: I chose the Brand and Product option. Then you just need to choose the subcategory and enjoy your brand-new Fan Page!
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