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Brand image online not interesting for marketers

A surprising research by Alterian proves that marketers, advertisement and PR specialist are not up-to-date with social media. According to the results, only one-third of them monitors the social media regularly and almost 70% follows the media buzz about their company once in a while or not at all.





At the same time, about 50% of the respondents claim that they are going to increase the companies’ expenditures on social media activity. The unexpected fact is the conviction that they need to be active online, and at the same time, the unwillingness to monitor the effects of their actions.
However, it is like going to a party – you shouldn’t drink too much to stay conscious – you don’t want to be told what was happening by the others, do you?
That is why it is worth it not only to be socially active, but also aware of the actions and the effects they result in. Social media activity is not only about spending 5 minutes to write a post – it became a fully engaging job and monitoring media buzz is therefore a vital part of the activity on social platforms.

*based on Alterian’s Eighth Annual Survey

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