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Facebook: Addicted Farmers, Mayors and Hitmen

Nowadays Facebook became one of the most important platforms for online gaming, generating 12% of income of the whole gaming industry. With the rapid growth of Cityville, 80 million users of Farmville and countless purchases on Pet Society, Facebook became a big noise in the industry. It is estimated that over half of users log in just to take care of their virtual businesses and pets, and almost one-fifth of Facebookers is addicted to the games.

Facebook games are coherent with the platform’s main idea – go make people go social and keep in touch with one another. The games are designed in a way which is not only pleasant graphically (imho except of Pet Society) but it also makes the player use his contacts and engage others to level up. The process of levelling up itself is easy and time-consuming up to the time when the player gets used to playing and waits for the energy or money to renew.

I reccomend the infographic showing the main statistics of Facebook gaming:

* infographic by DigitalBuzz
* Data on game revenue

  1. Marzec 7, 2011 o 04:40

    Would you considered guest posting on my blog? BTW interesting post!

    • niecukruje
      Marzec 13, 2011 o 21:09

      I never say no 😉 any deails?

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