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Facebook: Landing Page in 8 easy steps

When you have a Fan Page it is important not to lead the users directly to the Wall. Firstly, attract them with your vision and ideas, get them interested in your offer and only then direct them to the Wall. Landing Page is the place where you can do it, it is basically an additional bookmark in your profile which provides all the necessary information in a graphic way.

Creating a Landing Page (or Welcome Page) is very easy if you follow these steps:

1. Find Static FMBL application on Facebook and enter it

2. Click Add to my Page on the left

3.  Choose the Page you want to connect with Static FBML


4. Go back to your Page and click Edit Page

5. Choose Apps from the menu on the left

6. Scroll down to FBML and and choose Go to App

7. Edit the FBML box by entering the HTML code. In my case it was the command to center the image and the URL address of the image itself

8. To set the new bookmark you’ve just made click Edit Page again and choose Manage Permissions. Click the Default Landing Tab option and choose your bookmark. That’s all!


TIP: this bookmark will be used as a Landing Page only for the users who are not fans of your Page. Fans will land directly on the Wall.

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