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Twitter: The worst things you can do managing a brand profile

Presence in the social media became an obligation for a brand nowadays. The ruling websites are Facebook and Youtube, and these are followed also by Twitter. The characteristic thing of communicating on this platform is the strict restriction of the message lenght. You are given only 140 signs to prepare a info which is going to attract people to your profile or to make them interested in the topic you write about. However, it is not the biggest problem. A lot of professionals have a vague idea about social media, but they often don’t know how to manage them. The most common errors are connected simply with branding and profile’s image, but also with an unsufficient message quality.

Having that in mind, it is necessary to know that no communication can be better than bad communication.

So what are the biggest mistakes of managing a Twitter professional profile?

1. Obscure, not specific profile names
2. Looks of the profile
3. Problems with determining if the profile you entered is the official one
4. Multitude of accounts
5. Inconsequence in corporation’s branch profile naming and looks

The goal in social media is to attract as many users as possible and to get them interested in your message, to create a bilateral communication. However, it may be a difficult task taking that a lot of international companies create many branch profiles which are not clearly described.

Scheme of a good profile name:





It is also vital to remember not to confuse the users with inconsistent graphics of the global and local profiles. The important thing is to use one logo and color scheme, but to give the profile the more specific look with applying the country colors into the background or logotype. This trick makes the company look more cohesive and professional.

You respect your followers, and that’s why you don’t want them to waste the time they are likely to give you by bad profile looks.

The next step is to provide users with the information about your company: the official name, localization, website, number of followers, description (use the words ‚official profile’ here). What will improve your credibility is also an official authorization of the profile by Twitter which can be made by filling in a form requiring the information about the company.


And when you took care of all the above:
– make your posts useful and clear
– be friendly, have a human face
– help whenever you can
– don’t ignore messages, be specific in answering
– focus on users’ needs, not on selling your products
– have fun!

*based on Social Media Standard 2010 report

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