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Why do we follow brand profiles?

Once you’ve set up your professional or brand profile, it is vital to determine the expectations of your followers-to-be to attract them and satisfy their needs. So what are the main reasons for following such profiles?
The well-known and already popular brands are the most privileged. People will follow such profiles for the sole reason of attachment and positive feelings connected with the brands.
  • Fact – if they like you offline, they are likely to like you online.

The next reason is to stay up-to-date regarding the company news, as well as those connected to the whole branch.
  • Fact – if at least one person likes your profile, keep it updated. Your followers are the people who want to know what’s new. Provide them with information.


Another popular reason of following company profiles is to benefit from that. We want to get discounts and win prizes in return for our loyalty.
  • Fact – Psychiatrist is good, but shopping is cheaper. Contests and discounts attract masses of people but it’s up to you to reach for them and get them interested in your product.


More than one-third of respondents want to share their views and one in ten hopes for having some influence on the brand. And there is also a great challenge of approx. 16% of them who came across your profile just because of their friends. That’s why you should keep your posts as interesting and attractive as possible – you never know who enters your profile.
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