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Who is the woman on Facebook?

Kwiecień 13, 2011 Dodaj komentarz Go to comments

Women check Facebook up to 10 times a day! What are their visions of FB and what do they do in the most popular social network? Are they shopping addicts, update spammers or maybe silent users? A report of Eversave shows us who are the real women in the Internet and what are their behaviors.

So who are we? The pictures prepared by the company speak for themselves, so just take a look and compare it with your experiences 🙂

According to the survey, 85% of women hate constant complaining, posting politically-flavored updates and bragging.

And who are our friends on Facebook? The most of them are documentarians, drama queens and proud mothers. Add several Airbrushers and Slactivists (oversharing users) and you get my friends’ characteristics :)) I guess, I am personally a Drama Queen – same as in the real life – if something can go wrong, it WILL go wrong

The Facebook ladies seem to be really interested in getting new offers, discounts and deals via liking. Their daily activities are based mostly on informing about their plans (79%), sharing interesting and funny links (64%), promoting social causes (44,5%) and, in fact, simply bragging about their perfect lives (32%).

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