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How to create a proffessional brand profile in social media

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The fashion for being active in social media has changed into a necessity a while ago. A good company or brand profile has, therefore, some rules which need to be followed. However, you should either do it right or don’t do it at all because if the incompetent profile management won’t ruin your image – you are the luckiest person on the planet.

6 steps to creating a good company profile:

Step 1: Make the profile clear and identifiable

Insert the company logo, localization and all the necessary data. Make it clear that this is an official company profile. The posts you publish should be of good quality, well-written and understandable. Personally, I recommend you to promote the profile in the company’s promotional materials (leaflets, business cards) and on it’s website.

Step 2: Inform about new products and discounts

According to Social Media 2010 report, as much as 62% of users want to get information about new products and services offered by the company. Only 3% less expect to learn about the discounts.

Step 3: Insert photos and videos

They are one of the good ways to attract more users. What is more pictures and videos are often more welcome and awaited than the plain text.

Step 4: Interaction – discuss and help

Social media users often seek for information about new products or technical help when their products are out of order. Answer every question and don’t ignore posts on the wall.

Important – if a user asks a question on the wall, don’t answer via private message. Other users, who won’t see that, may take it for ignoring fans which may worsen their brand perception. We don’t want that, do we?

Step 5: Contests, games and applications are welcome

Attract the fans to spend more time on the company’s profile by creating games and posting information about contests. Especially the younger users and men look for games and applications on the profile. Women, on the other hand, appreciate the information about the special offers.

Step 6: News concerning the field you work in

37% of users want to access the information connected to the field the company operates in. Just think that someone reads an important branch news on your company profile. Score!

* Data from the report Social Media 2010 (Internet Standard) report (in Polish).

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